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Jacob's Christmas Menu with Biodynamic and Natural Wines


2009-11-23_26472009-11-23_2648While many restaurants in Norway feature traditional Norwegian Christmas food, at Jacob’s Bar & Kjøkken we do things differently.  Our concept for the Christmas menu is the same as usual – simple, fresh and creative food.  The wines I have selected to pair with these dishes also don’t steer away from my usual focus on Biodynamic and Natural wines.  Please note that since we only use the freshest of ingredients and small wine producers, the courses and the wines (and vintages) can change slightly.  So, without further ado, here’s the Christmas menu and the wines: (click on thumbnails to enlarge photos and make yourself hungry and!) Read the rest of this entry »

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Food & Wine Pairing – Weingut Langmann Schilcher Klassik 2008

The wine:

Weingut Stefan Langmann Schilcher Klassik 2008

Weststeiermark, no rx Austria

11.50% Alcohol

3.8 grams/liter residual sugar

9.0 grams/liter residual acidity!

Price in Norwegian Kroner 114,- ($17.50)


The Food:

Lightly poached fresh Mackerel

Lightly pickled cucumber

Fresh cucumber and cucumber gel

Løyrom caviar from Sweden

Fresh dill and dill mousse



Category: 1 Appetizer/Starter, 1 WINE, 6 FOOD & WINE PAIRING


A winemakers dinner – Luca Roagna

Luca speaking passionately
Beautiful Roagna bottles

Event:  Stavanger, Norway Vinfest 2009

Restaurant: Bølgen & Moi

Date:  Thursday April 23, 2009  19:00

Host:  Luca Roagna and Best Buys

In my opinion, Luca Roagna is a rising star in Piemonte, Italy. And I’m not alone in believing this as his wines are garnering a lot of interest in other parts of the world as well.  I was very impressed with him and his philosophy after visiting him at his estate in Paglieri (Barbaresco), Italy in November of 2008.  I am equally impressed if not more so with his wines. They are immediately approachable, yet are so well structured and well made that they will endure the test of time and will age gracefully.

Vinosseur and Luca Roagna

Luca  is extremely passionate.  His eyes light up when you ask him questions about his wines.  He is such a purist.  He approaches his viticulture and “winemaking” in as a natural way as possible.  Luca does not use chemical nor organic fertilizers.  All of this is reflected in his wines.  They best way to describe them is super clean, precise with focused fruit. Extremely well-structured, balanced and elegant.  His signature is his terroir, which he allows his wines to express beautifully.

Luca is also as down to earth and personable.  He is a blast to hang out with and really knows how to enjoy himself. I look forward to the next time we meet Luca!

Langhe Bianco

As an aperitif, we started with a wine that isn’t currently available in Norway. A Langhe Bianco with 5-6 days skin contact giving the wine a full-golden yellow color bordering on orange. The wine was made using 90% Chardonnay and 10% Nebbiolo. Yes, you are reading this correctly, 10% Nebbiolo and yes, vinified white.  Naturally, only indigenous yeast is used.  This wine was made in a slightly oxidative style but was extremely fresh and elegant with mild tannins, elegant acidity and a medium long finish.



Terrine of fois gras with cherries, salad and brioche

Terrine of fois gras with cherries, salad and brioche


2007 Dolcetto d'Alba

2007 Dolcetto d'Alba

Comments:  35 days maceration. Unfiltered wine with clean, focused fruit and feminine, but firm tannins.



Sweetbreads of veal with spring carrots, spinach and orange-butter sauce

Sweetbreads of veal with spring carrots, spinach and orange-butter sauce


2001 Langhe Rosso

2001 Langhe Rosso

Comments:  35 days maceration, 4 years in large Botti and 2 in bottle.  The orange peel notes found in the wine worked extremely well with the orange-butter sauce. A very open and approachable wine made entirely of Nebbiolo.  More like a Barbaresco then a typical Langhe Rosso.



Lamb with asparagus, glased onion and bercy sauce

Lamb with asparagus, glazed onion and bercy sauce



2000 Barbaresco Pajé

Comments:  good color depth with a very slight browning around the edge.  Very classic Nebbiolo aromas – floral, cherries (amarena cherry).  About 65 days maceration and 5 years in large Botti.  Even the asparagus worked surprisingly well with the wine.  A very masculine Barbaresco.



Filet of deer with braised celeriac, porto bello, confit of tomatos and Marco Polo sauce

Filet of deer with braised celeriac, porto bello, confit of tomatos and Marco Polo sauce



2001 Barolo La Rocca e la Pira

Comments:  Average age of the vines is 40 years.  About 85 days maceration.  5 years in large Botti and 2 years in bottle. Dark, sour cherries.  Elegant and feminine.



Mature pecorino with honey, raisins and nuts

Mature pecorino with honey, raisins and nuts


2004 Barolo Vigna Rionda

2004 Barolo Vigna Rionda

Comments:  About 70 days maceration. Bottled in November of 2008. Quite open, but in my opinion it needs about 10 more years just to start stretching it’s legs.  At around 350,- Norwegian Kroner ($50), it’s a real bargain.


I will end this post by saying that it’s producers like Luca that really inspire me and spark an infinite passion in me for wine.  This is the reason I do what I do and love it!  Thanks Luca!

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Food & Wine Pairing – Clemens Busch Pündricher Marienberg Riesling Spätlese Trocken 2004 ***

The Wine:

Clemens Busch Pündricher Marienburg Riesling Spätlese Trocken 2004 ***

Mosel-Saar-Ruwer, Germany

12.5% Alcohol

7.4 grams/liter residual sugar

Residual Acidity N/A

Price in Norwegian Kroner 217,- ($31.75)


Wine pairing by Vinosseur

The Food:

Citrus and Soy cured halibut

Soy crutons

Lemon Grass foam

Baby chives

Cured halibut by Jacob's

Cured halibut by Jacob's

Category: 1 Appetizer/Starter, 1 WINE, 6 FOOD & WINE PAIRING, natural wine (100% living wine)




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