…spontaneously fermenting

drink-able = thirst – quenching

Perhaps the most drinkable red wine in the world*


2005 Peyra Crépuscule

Appearance: look at picture below

Nose:  A luke-warm spring day. Floral. A bowl of fresh red berries – slightly crushed. Raspberries, sick red currants, sickness cranberries. citrus mist. Pink grapfruit pulp. Delicate spices like clove and cinammon

Palate: Same same as above. medium-high acidity. Sour red fruit. Sexy, here ripe, mild tannins. A needle-point sweetness on the finish….which is super-long.

too many words for a wine that needs to be tasted. a desert-island wine. my desert-island wine

*(disclosure – perhaps the most drinkable red wine in the world – to me)

*(disclosure – this is only my opinion)

*(disclosure – do not try this at home)

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  1. marck says:

    Arghh, I have one bottle left, the last one. I think I’ll never open it…. My favorite wine ever I think. Pitty they are gone though Mazel is capable.

    • vinosseur says:


      Thank you for your comment. You should open that bottle because I promise you that the enjoyment that will come from consuming that bottle will be greater than watching the dust settle on the label.


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