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Food & Wine Pairing – Clos Roche Blanche Cuvée Pif

Clos Roche Blanche Cuvée Pif 2008
50% Cot (Malbec) & 50% Cabernet Franc
Touraine, ambulance France
12% Alcohol
Price in Norway:  129, ampoule 90 NOK ($20)
Veal ribs
Mashed potato with lemon zest
Mild sour cream chipotle sauce
Wild herbs

A milder version of the classic, cialis roasted, slightly smoked chipotle pairs well with the earthiness found in the Cot.  The wine has just enough tannic structure to support the fat on the veal rib. An interesting dish that works very well overall with the wine.

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  1. Ed says:

    Need a recipe here 😉 How is the CLos Roche Blanche these days, used to be a favorit specially regarding the price. Is that the price at the shop? I thought taxes on alcohol in Norway were rather punitive.

  2. vinosseur says:

    Hello Ed,

    I am afraid it wasn’t my recipe. It was prepared by the kitchen at Jacob’s, so I don’t know the entire process here :-).
    Yes, that is the price of the wine at the wine monopoly for this wine. That is approximately €16.50.
    And yes, the taxes are quite punitive alright! The alcohol tax alone on this bottle are in the ballpark of about €4.50!


  3. Ed says:

    Well rest assured in a 2009 pricelist I saw the 06 No5 cost 12.95 ex VAT. That is for one bottle. You want 60, you pay 11.00 abottle. Better buy them direct from them I assume.

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