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Taste damn it, taste

Stop, slow down. Taste that wine. I have gotten so comfortable with the wines i drink and love, that I sometimes forget to taste. After all, isn’t that the way i was taught? I was taught to observe, smell and taste the wine in the glass. I was taught to analyze the wine in the glass. I was taught to take notes. Well enough, I am glad that I was taught the basics about wine. I built a proper foundation based on schooling, studying and tasting.  I even excelled at it.   Then something started to happen….

I decided to go off the beaten track. think for myself if you will. This started to happen a few years before going to school, but especially after.  I began to read less and began tasting more.  I told people around me that were interested in wine to put down the books sometimes and taste. After all, I felt that a glass of wine could teach us more than a text book could.  I improved my tasting skills,  and grasped the concept of quality, one of the most important aspects of wine tasting.

I quickly found myself on the track I am on today. the road that was paved by education and my experience.. A road that lead me to wines that I feel express so much, wines that are so drinkable, and most of all, wines that are so natural.

Then something happened. I started enjoying the wines. Really really enjoying the wines. Enjoying the wines to the point that I sometimes found myself forgetting to taste that glass of wine. That damn glass of wine which I enjoy so much, but forget to really taste.. Like I used to, like I was taught.

Although I encourage people interested in wine to study wine, I also encourage people to think for themselves. I encourage people to taste taste taste. Enjoy that wine, but slow down…..and never forget to taste that wine.

beautiful cement eggs at Meinklang in Pamhagen, Austria

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Joseph has a special place in his heart for quality wines from the old world, especially France & Italy, with a strong focus on Organic, Biodynamic and Natural wines.

Joseph grew up in Italy and California, but left The States in 2002 and now resides in Poland.

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