…spontaneously fermenting

Traditional Beer Making in Leikanger, of Course

Copper pots over open fire

Juniper branches- nature's disinfectant - and ours

200 Year Old Barrel

Waiting for that magic 68°C

disinfecting the barrel with nature's gift

Pouring the barley into the barrel

Ahhh - 68°C - Ready to go

Adding hot water to the barley to release natural sugars

The free-standing stick test - not enough water yet!

First step done - cover and let sit for "some time" - tick tock

Preparing second barrel with tap for the transfer

Attaching the Tap

the hand carved "filter"

Placing filter in barrel

Cover filter with Juniper - Nature's filter

Transferring hot water and barley to second barrel

Pouring the barley and hot water into second barrel

Place wort into empty copper pot

Bringing wort to a boil

90°C - getting there

Adding the hops at different intervals for aromas

Cooking the wort

Not just beer making!

Sterilizing mesh filter with juniper

Preparing barrel for transfer of cooked barley & hops - almost there!

Pouring the cooked barley & hops into the fermentation barrel

Starting to look, smell & taste like beer - sans alcohol!

Cooling the cooked barely & hops to around 18°C with water cooled coil


"That's the way we did it"

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2 Responses

  1. oh my gosh! they’re in Norway?
    It’s incredible for me! I knew that the alambic method in Gueze, Belgium remained authentic (at Girardin house) and natural fermenting…but this guys are crazy!
    I have few friends that make some “artisanal” beer here in Italy, but they buy all: malt, luppulus, yeasts…
    This is the way!
    Can you send some samples?

  2. mart says:

    Amazing!!! Forgive my ignorance but does all this boiling not kill the yeast? Yes send some to Italy, I’m very curious about this.

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