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Unfiltered Wines & Deconstructed Grapes


And along came natural wines. Pure, fermented “grape juice”. I find it difficult these days to drink wines that I can see through.  I’m not saying I want to have a glass of super-dark, jammy, inky wine.  In fact, I like wines that are lighter in 2009-11-06_24702009-11-06_2499color and fresher in taste.  What I am actually saying  is, I prefer my wines to be totally unfined and unfiltered.  I love cloudy wines, wines with bits and pieces of “deconstructed grapes” floating around freely. A glass of wine that I can’t see through because of the living particles afloat in the glass.  I believe that fining and filtering a wine is partly to blame for the “death” of a wine, along with over-sulfuring.

I also love wines of all colors – from light red to off-red, light white to light orange, even some brown wines I have tasted have intrigued me.


Often times, these light, fresh, unfiltered wines are easier to drink and very often pair well with a wide range of different foods.


As lovers of wine, we should give all wines a chance. Let’s dispel our beliefs that a red wine should be dark red and a white wine should be yellow and totally clear. Let’s dispel our belief that a white wine should be sparkling and a red 2009-11-06_25282009-11-06_2467should be still.  Let’s give all wines a chance – light, cloudy reds; orange-hued whites; sparkling reds and sparkling orange-hued wines. They all want the chance to be understood, so give them a try, with an open mind and remember….the next time you feel turned-off because there is sediment left in your glass after drinking your natural wine, it’s simply from deconstructed grapes, and they won’t hurt you.

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3 Responses

  1. Randy Watson says:

    This is a great post… not only do I like the idea of trying a wine that isn’t altered or fined… but I like the message your passing along:

    Give wine a chance and break down your misconceptions! Brilliant! 🙂

  2. Mart says:

    Amen, can’t drink anything else anymore. And have not for 15 years.
    What is the white Canon? I know a red one, isn’t it made by someone from Japan?

  3. vinosseur says:


    Exactly my point. I don’t think we need to be snobs when drinking wine. If we are truly wine lovers, then we try everything…:-)


    Yes, the wine maker at Le Canon is Japanese and his name is Hirotake Ooka. The red wine he makes is Grenache and this white was Viognier. Both stunning wines for the money and the Viognier has to be the best example of this grape I have ever tasted!

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