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Vinosseur's Book of Revelations – Or Rather, a Simple List

I just wanted to post a list of things that I believe in. These are just my beliefs, and are not necessarily truths for you. They are merely my strong opinions and may not reflect yours.

  • Not all conventional wines are bad – If you like it, it’s good
  • Great wine tasters are those with great recollection abilities
  • A great quality wine can stay open for more than 3 days and remain drinkable
  • What you can’t see can hurt you – Don’t filter the nutrients out of your wine
  • If over used, sulfur does not preserve a wine, it kills it – Wine is a living thing, please use sulfur judiciously
  • Wine comes in all colors: white; orange; rosé; red….etc.
  • Natural wines still contain alcohol, so drinking 2 bottles per night may not be healthy
  • Natural wines are often very food friendly
  • The definition of «Terroir» must include the wine maker
  • Not all Pinot Noir’s are good – Not all Merlot’s are bad
  • Not all natural wines are good – If you don’t like it, it’s not good

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    1. Laureano Serres says:


    2. Merrill Witt says:

      I really agree with what you said about terroir. Wine doesn’t make itself no matter how good the vineyard is!

    3. I totally agree! …almost
      You are my New Bible!
      A good quality wine become better after 3 days, or 7 days;
      2 bottles per night of natural wine it’s better than 2 bottles of conventional wines;
      terroir must include the character of the wine maker;
      natural wine it’s not a good wine only for its naturality. It’s only the point to start!

      Ciao Laureano, you’re the best!
      Ciao Joseph! when you sell in Poland???

    4. mart says:

      Not sure about this one, A great quality wine can stay open for more than 3 days and remain drinkable… If you talk about ‘quality’ in the sense that it doesn’t go of in 3 days but I’ve had fantastic wines that were so eager to get some oxygen that after half an hour they were gone.

    5. vinosseur says:

      Francesco – Thanks for the comments – we will talk soon 🙂

      Mart – Thank’s for reading and for your comment. For me a quality wine is one that is alive and these living wines tend to only develop over the course of 3 days and even a week as Francesco points out. I also find that often these wines i am referring to can improve for up to two weeks. This to me is the sign of quality. Too many young wines today once opened have to be consumed within 3 days in my experience.
      This being said, an older wine can be fantastic and fragile at the same time, and can very well last only a few hours or less, as you mentioned.


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