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Peter Liem – Making Green Champagne

Being a lover of Champagne and wines made in a more natural way, dosage I found this article written by Peter Liem for Zester Daily extremely interesting.  Click on the photo of Pascal Doquet for the article:

pascal doquet

Pascal Doquet in his vineyards in Le Mesnil-sur-Oger

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  1. Francesco says:

    I definitely agree with this whole going “green” wine making craze. People want wine to be produced in an organic way which is fine and dandy, but there are hidden costs. Instead of having a crop of 15,000 kilos with the use of inorganic techniques, you now have a crop of 9,500 like Pascal Doquet said. How do you make up that loss, you have to charge more for a bottle of wine. So the expense of organic farming comes at price that I think most people may not be willing to pay when it comes to register.

  2. vinosseur says:

    This is precisely why I feel that the philosophy and attitude of the individual grower is the most important….

  3. Francesco says:

    And that is precisely what gives wine it’s soul.

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