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Jacob's Christmas Menu with Biodynamic and Natural Wines


2009-11-23_26472009-11-23_2648While many restaurants in Norway feature traditional Norwegian Christmas food, at Jacob’s Bar & Kjøkken we do things differently.  Our concept for the Christmas menu is the same as usual – simple, fresh and creative food.  The wines I have selected to pair with these dishes also don’t steer away from my usual focus on Biodynamic and Natural wines.  Please note that since we only use the freshest of ingredients and small wine producers, the courses and the wines (and vintages) can change slightly.  So, without further ado, here’s the Christmas menu and the wines: (click on thumbnails to enlarge photos and make yourself hungry and!) Read the rest of this entry »

Category: 1 Appetizer/Starter, 1 WINE, 2 Main Course, 3 Dessert, 6 FOOD & WINE PAIRING, biodynamic wine, natural wine (100% living wine)


Food & Wine Pairing – Weingut Langmann Schilcher Klassik 2008

The wine:

Weingut Stefan Langmann Schilcher Klassik 2008

Weststeiermark, no rx Austria

11.50% Alcohol

3.8 grams/liter residual sugar

9.0 grams/liter residual acidity!

Price in Norwegian Kroner 114,- ($17.50)


The Food:

Lightly poached fresh Mackerel

Lightly pickled cucumber

Fresh cucumber and cucumber gel

Løyrom caviar from Sweden

Fresh dill and dill mousse



Category: 1 Appetizer/Starter, 1 WINE, 6 FOOD & WINE PAIRING


Food & Wine Pairing – Clemens Busch Pündricher Marienberg Riesling Spätlese Trocken 2004 ***

The Wine:

Clemens Busch Pündricher Marienburg Riesling Spätlese Trocken 2004 ***

Mosel-Saar-Ruwer, Germany

12.5% Alcohol

7.4 grams/liter residual sugar

Residual Acidity N/A

Price in Norwegian Kroner 217,- ($31.75)


Wine pairing by Vinosseur

The Food:

Citrus and Soy cured halibut

Soy crutons

Lemon Grass foam

Baby chives

Cured halibut by Jacob's

Cured halibut by Jacob's

Category: 1 Appetizer/Starter, 1 WINE, 6 FOOD & WINE PAIRING, natural wine (100% living wine)


Food & Wine Pairing- Vinhos Barbeito Boal 1863

The wine:

Vinhos Barbeito Boal 1863

Madeira, ed Portugal

100% Boal

Aged 130 years in barrels

19.5% Alcohol



The food:

“Fyrstekake” Norwegian Royalty Cake

Main ingredients: Flour, buy eggs, sugar, butter

almonds and in this particular version – chocolate

to help match the Madeira



Category: 1 WINE, 3 Dessert, 6 FOOD & WINE PAIRING


Food & Wine Pairing- Strohmeier BA

The wine:

Strohmeier Ganz á Siassa Schilcher Beerenauslese 2007

Weststeiermark, adiposity Austria

100% Blauer Wildbacher

10.5% Alcohol

140 grams/liter residual sugar

12.7 grams/liter residual acidity

Price in Norwegian Kroner: (37, for sale 5cl)   249, healing


Wine pairing by Vinosseur

The food:

Valrhona Chocolate Savarin

Blood orange mousse and foam

Strohmeier caramelized pear topped with

Strohmeier  caramelized oatmeal and estragon leaf

Pear Sorbet

Blood orange caramel for decoration


Dessert by Petter Beyer

Category: 1 WINE, 3 Dessert, 6 FOOD & WINE PAIRING, organic wine




Vinosseur is the company name of sommelier Joseph R. Di Blasi. is his web page where he writes about wine, food, restaurants and other gastronomic experiences.

Joseph has a special place in his heart for quality wines from the old world, especially France & Italy, with a strong focus on Organic, Biodynamic and Natural wines.

Joseph grew up in Italy and California, but left The States in 2002 and now resides in Poland.

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